COVID restrictions are all but removed and businesses are beginning to push for their employees to start returning to the office. The question is, do employees want to?

Whether that’s full-time or a few times a week, the offices are slowly getting busier. Some would argue for it whilst some are quitting their jobs and looking for new companies that offer the work from home model. 

There’s a wide range of opinions floating around on this topic. Here at Fresh Business Thinking, we decided to compile a list of these opinions to see where you sit in these perspectives. Do you agree with one side or can you see the merit of both? 

The homebodies

In response to this, one argued that,

“Before COVID I felt more “social” because that’s what was expected, it wasn’t what I wanted to do or was comfortable doing. After COVID and WFH I realised it’s all fake and my mental health of not pretending to be someone I’m not was more important to me than participating in social customs that wig me out.”

Those in the middle

“Take me back to the office ASAP”  

Where do you fall on the debate?

This is a very controversial topic with many conflicting opinions. However, what does seem to be a pattern is that everyone can see the benefits of working from home. From increased productivity, better mobility, and the ushering in of new technologies, everyone seems to be enjoying these advantages to at least some degree. 

There are still some who appreciate the office for their mental health, especially the more extroverted employees. While, on the other hand, some employees outright refuse to stay at a company if they cannot work from home.

All in all, everyone is different. Whether you love it, hate it, or are indifferent, it seems that the work from home model is here to stay. 

Which one are you? Let us know where you fall into these categories!