Small businesses may be suffering as a result of the pervading UK office culture of scrapping lunch hour to continue working through midday, new research reveals.A survey from health and fitness website shows that approximately 85 per cent of the nation’s workforce don’t take a full hour-long break for lunch, while 62 per cent say that they eat their midday meal at their desk.People said that they don’t take a break because they were either scared of their boss or because of their pervading workplace culture – and nearly two-thirds say that they do not work to their full potential if they miss out on having lunch."Britain’s workforce is over-worked and over tired," founder Tim Rogers said. "Today we spend our lunches as an extension of our already overburdened day, stressing over what we have yet to accomplish."Working long hours without a break increases workplace stress, contributes to low morale in the organisation and has serious health and safety implications," he continued, before urging all employers to recognise the "importance of a good work-life balance".Over half of those surveyed said that they slipped lunch because of their workload – and 55 per cent say that their midday break feels shorter than it did five years ago.© Adfero Ltd