Last year we celebrated the inaugural year of the Great British Businesswoman Series, which saw us shine a spotlight on the fantastic women in business across the United Kingdom who are making a difference, and all of their achievements. 

Wynne and Carol V

Across 20 categories, the Awards celebrated over 80 shortlisted businesswomen, spanning multiple sectors of the UK business landscape including construction, sport, food & drink, creative industries and many more.

As we look forward to continuing on our mission to champion and celebrate businesswomen in 2022 - with applications opening on 06th June 2022 - we take a look at why you should enter, and what are the benefits?

Entering an awards programme, whether you win, or are shortlisted, can be great for yourself and your business in many ways, including increasing your credibility, sharing your story and the good that your business is doing, building your confidence, as well as networking with other like-minded individuals and inspiring the next generation of potential female leaders.

So why the Great British Businesswoman Awards?

Entering could help you;

  • Get the recognition you deserve!
  • Inspire the next generation of female leaders
  • Celebrate what you have achieved for yourself and your business so far
  • Meet a number of other successful businesswomen, allowing you to build positive networks
  • Shine a spotlight on the diversity and inclusivity of the business you work for
  • Provide you with exposure to help you and your business grow even further
  • Lastly, you have absolutely nothing to lose and all to gain

Previous winner, Eleanor Long of Rolls Royce, said “Whilst I consider myself to be somebody who is bold in taking actions, and driving my career and ambitions forward, it was a real achievement and boost to be recognised for my hard work and efforts.”

Founder of the Great British Businesswoman Awards, Francessca James had a conversation with Donna O’Toole, founder of August Recognition, about the benefits of entering awards programmes, and the best way to write a stand out application. Watch the conversation here.

If you are interested in the 2022 Great British Businesswoman Awards, you can pre-register your interest here.