It is 2021, yet women still face the prospect of daily microaggressions - undermining the progress that has been made when it comes to achieving equality in the workplace.

Supportive men are no longer oblivious to the challenges women face in their careers, and we often hear that men want to help support women in our day to day lives but they often don’t know how.

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There are many ways in which men can support women, including challenging stereotypes, addressing bias and giving women a helping hand. This panel will delve into the challenge’s women face, and how men can stand up and support women when witnessing everyday sexism, and how to bring awareness to the issues in an organisation.

Speakers Include:

  • Chair: Dr John Curran, JC & Associates
  • Jason Ghaboos, Deputy Director, Civil Service Inclusive Practice Team, Cabinet Office
  • Andrew Jacobs, Learning Strategist
  • Jack Lockhart, Learning Experience and Performance Manager at PerfectHome