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    Embrace a diverse workforce


    The word diversity can mean many different things, culturally and within the workplace. It is something that we hear being frequently discussed in the media across all sectors.

  • Emily Brothers

    1 in 3 trans people have left work due to discrimination


    More than a third (36%) of transgender people in the UK say they have left a job because of discrimination in the workplace, according to new research from totaljobs.

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    Are women being held back by competing with each other?


    Yes, is the short answer. According to new research, at least.

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    Hiring for a more diverse, more productive workforce


    Every organisation that takes diversity seriously knows that hiring a diverse workforce is not as easy as it might appear. It takes a lot more effort than simply ensuring jobs are widely and openly advertised. It requires a real effort to overcome unconscious bias, and to ensure that the right candidates are found for every role.

  • Woman-in-business

    5 steps to fight against gender bias from performance reviews


    The existence of a major gender disparity in the tech industry, particularly in the male dominated culture of Silicon Valley, is common knowledge.

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    Calls to link City bonuses to gender equality


    The bonuses given to workers in the City should be linked to the number of women appointed to senior positions in the company, a government review is expected to recommend.

  • Crowd

    Are male middle managers the key to gender equality?


    Male middle managers could be the key improving gender equality in business, according to a report by the Cranfield School of Management.

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    17% of Women Think it’s Impossible to Reach Senior Role


    With less than one year to go before Lord Davies’ Women on Boards 25% target deadline, new research from O2 reveals that almost half of working women (45%) in the UK believe that women still aren’t occupying enough senior positions in their company.

  • genderequality

    50/50 Gender Mix In UK Business Is Unattainable


    It is unattainable to achieve a 50/50 gender mix in all senior management positions in UK businesses by 2020 because women innately want to be the primary care-giver.

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    British business equality picks up


    The news that nearly half of all first-time directors appointed at Britain’s top companies last year were women, is an encouraging step forward for gender equality in business, but we must keep pushing to exceed that figure to reach a truly level playing field, says Beatrice Bartlay, founder and managing director of 2B Interface.

  • Female Board Members

    Debate on board diversity needs to be much wider than gender


    The Cranfield report should give chief executives, chairmen and executive search firms pause for thought. Not only because the drive to increase the proportion of women representing the top echelons of business is so painfully slow, but because we need to take a step back and view the diversity of Britain’s boardrooms through a much wider lens.

  • equality

    Councils must consider equality laws when changing services


    Councils and housing associations considering altering services or changing their housing allocation policies are being advised to use new guidelines to check that they comply with the Equality Act.

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    25% Women Board Members for FTSE 100 Companies, Lord Davies Recommends


    UK listed companies in the FTSE 100 should be aiming for a minimum of 25% female board member representation by 2015, Lord Davies of Abersoch said today when launching his independent review into Women on Boards.

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    Diversity Is About Banishing Dullness


    The perception may be that the process of achieving a diverse workforce is faltering: that employers are confused and concerned, employees are not served well by legislation, the government is hamstrung and that the recent declarations of the Catholic church have turned the subject of diversity into a political and theological football.

  • gordian_knot

    Business Failing To Close The Corporate Gender Gap


    “The findings of The Corporate Gender Gap Report are an alarm bell on International Women’s Day that the corporate world is not doing enough to achieve gender equality.

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    Government Faces Uphill Struggle To Promote Effective Action On Closing Gender Pay Gap


    With the Office for National Statistics (ONS) due tomorrow to publish its annual snapshot of the gap between what men and women workers are paid, the CIPD today reports evidence of employer practice and attitudes to measuring the gender pay gap in the workplace.

  • Standing_Up_Against_Discriminatio

    How Can I Avoid Discrimination In Job Adverts?


    Making sure job adverts don’t fall foul of discrimination law is a skill that all recruitment experts need to develop. There are lots of rules around writing job adverts, mostly based around best practice to attract candidates. But certain rules are there to ensure you don’t fall foul of discrimination law.

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    Businesses urged to ‘promote diversity’


    The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has published a report along with the Trade Union Congress (TUC), urging employers to promote diversity in the workplace.

  • woman power on the rise

    A Women’s place is in the …?


    Despite hundreds of support groups and endless lobbying, the numbers of female directors in top UK companies fell last year, to a percentage you don’t even need one hand to count it on.