By Kate Tojeiro

As you read the word ‘winning’ — what immediate sensations do you get? You may be experiencing — the sensation of smiling, slapping on the back from team members, noise of the crowd, the taste of champagne, the sound of ‘swing low sweet chariot’ the sight of your teams smiling and cheering, the smell of polished floors in the board room. It could be a memory, or it may be a dream yet to be realised — whatever. For each one of us it will be different yet powerful. It is that powerful sensation that you as a CEO can create to establish a Winning Strategy in your organisation, and set yours above the rest.

As you have just experienced, it is not just about words; it is about sight, smell, voice — it is about using ALL your sensory acuity to create that winning feeling throughout the organisation. So often at work, we leave it all to words and documents to explain what we are passionate about — why make it so difficult to win?!

Experience your organisation as if it was the first time of being involved. Walking in through the reception, the car park, the coffee machine, the people, the posters on the wall, the chatter in the corridors, your own working space — what sensations do you get? Is it one of winning?? What works, and what is missing?

As the CEO, you are in a wonderful position to help EVERYONE in the organisation to have the winning dream in their head. Ask yourself:
X Have I told everyone passionately about the Vision of the organisation — with clarity and feeling?
X How have I demonstrated to them that THEY are part of it — that it can be their vision?
X How have I demonstrated that it is the thing that drives everything I do?

That last one is tricky! Remember that you cannot NOT communicate — so you are ‘walking the talk’ all the time, whether you like it or not! So, use this as a valuable opportunity to send endless consistent messages to everyone about moving towards the vision. When the team start sighing with a repeated message — it is only then when you know that they have got it!

The quicker that you can get people to take some ownership of the challenges ahead, the quicker they will come part of the dream, for them and you. Do you always rely on the same people to get things done? Why not get some newer, maybe less Senior member of the organisation to have a go? Think through their eyes — how will they feel?

Let people know how it is going. More importantly, when some milestone is achieved, go wild (in your style of course!) What do you do, who knows about it? How do you celebrate and when? Think to the humans around you to answer these questions; how do they celebrate at home? It is well proven that people work better in positive environments, so ensure that you take every opportunity to create one

As humans we have an ability to create negative feelings — either inwardly or amongst teams, such as jealousy, cynicism etc. As a CEO it is so important to nip this in the bud. Confront the cynicism — much of it is lack of confidence, or inability to see how we CAN win. Back to painting that dream again!

There will always be obstacles in your path, and your enthusiasm, passion and determination can find always find ways around them, if you really want to win. Do you?

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