By Claire West

According to research from online voucher code portal, sales of the Nintendo Wii and its accessories have so far defied the credit crunch, with 45% of all searches at being for the Wii and its associated games. This highlights the growing trend for an increase in online shoppers searching for the best deal rather than buying from the first place they visit. The current credit crunch has made shoppers more likely to shop around and use many different ways and means to purchase the items they want using discount code sites and shopping in more than one place.

The team at Laughing Deals has been inundated with requests for voucher codes and deals related to the Wii. Within the last two weeks the Wii Fit was the most popular searched for item with Mario Kart coming a close second. These deals were so popular that the website often had to be updated within 30 minutes of the deal being posted.

The month of April and May were particularly chaotic due to the launch of both Mario Kart and Wii Fit in April.

“I have used the site to save on items that I want during a time when everything has gone up in price, I no longer buy straight away, shopping around has become an essential activity.”

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