Our partner ConXhub tells us everything we need to know about virtual numbers and their importance 


Virtual numbers are cloud-based numbers that enable communication without the need for traditional landline networks, equipment and installation. You can literally be up and running with a second phone-line within minutes and it can sit on your mobile phone while remaining separate from your own personal number.

In summary, they have become ever so popular within the last year year and a half and more so due to remote working habits that were sparked by the pandemic. Furthermore, in the wake of the digital world, more and more businesses are looking for a slice of the global market and virtual numbers make that possible due to the super low call costs and having the business appear like it local to the market they are calling.

6 Super Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Virtual Number

1. Ditch the extra phone

You can absolutely ditch the desk phone! You can also ditch that extra mobile that you use for incoming and outgoing work-related calls. Why? Because one of the most important advantages of a virtual number is that you can organise both your personal and business communications on one smartphone, one SIM. With a virtual number, you are basically splitting your phone to act like two separate phones.

Your virtual number will separate all your business contacts and communications from your personal calls…meaning you keep your personal private. You just give this number to your friends and family. All calls will come through to the one phone but your work calls will come through on your virtual number while personal calls will come through on your private number.

2. Super fast, super easy setup

With traditional phone systems such as landlines, a lot of wiring and equipment is required to be installed. With a virtual number…no such thing is required except the app from your provider and an internet connection.

3. Centralise calls and manage call handling efficiently

With virtual numbers, you no longer need a central office where everybody sits to appear as one organisation. If you are a group of customer service reps all working remotely from your homes, you can still appear as though you are together in an office with a common phone number. Calls will route to each designated member within a particular team, using extension numbers. 

Messages can also be picked up by all members in a team. Hunt groups can be segmented and shared. With all related to the accounts department, for example, going to all members in the accounts team, etc. The call handling aspects will give a professional impression and enhance your customer’s journey.

4. Track your marketing

By allocating certain telephone numbers for specific campaigns your organisation will be able to clearly see which campaigns are performing and worth progressing with. This literally saves on the marketing budget as it will be clear to see which campaigns are worth investing in.

5. No more missed calls & sales ops

Already on a call and another one coming through? No problem! You can set your virtual number up in such a way that the call will go to multiple users eg. all members within a sales team. This means you will always have someone to pick up calls meaning none get missed and all opportunities to sell are kept.

6. Super useful features

Adding an additional line with a virtual number app will provide you with extra features which will enhance your work style and overall image. Features like being able customise your own automated greeting messages and forward calls to appropriate teams do not come with the traditional phone systems we are used to.

Features that will improve efficiency include:

 Setting appropriate messages according to the option the caller has selected

 Import your existing customer contact list super easily

 Segment your work and personal numbers

 Set up various customer groups so that you message them in bulk


You will never regret going the extra step and adding a virtual number to your mobile phone! The extra few pounds or dollars every month will far outweigh the significant benefits you will reap. Not only will it raise your professional image but you will also thank it for helping you to achieve that much craved-for work/life balance. Make life a little easier by carrying only one phone but with multiple numbers keeping your work and personal life perfectly separate.

ConXhub is the World’s #1 MOBILE FIRST Communications Service. Visit them today and add another line within minutes. You have nothing to lose as there are no contracts, hidden costs or tie-ins involved so cancelling is as easy and instant as it is to set up.