In the old days, corporations had to construct three messages: One for the investment community; one for customers; and one for employees. Social media has democratised communication and now the same messages have to work for all three audiences.

Jonathan Schwartz, the CEO of Sun Microsystems is often held up as a great example of what a corporate CEO can do with blogging, and his post on Thursday in reaction to the turmoil in the financial system is a great example of this new approach to communications.

He shares on his blog the internal memo that he sent to Sun employees, outlining the challenges and opportunities that the crisis presents to Sun. It shows how today there are no such things as ‘internal communications’ – just one message, direct from the CEO to everyone.

The above is from the NixonMcInnes blog. NixonMcinnes work with companies to transform their business and allow them to thrive in the new and changed social media landscape.

Jenni is Senior Experience Designer and Online Marketing Consultant at NixonMcInnes. Over the last year she has taken a lead role in developing and delivering their focus on social media, as well as designing the user experience for websites across the spectrum.
Latest projects have included developing a blog in support of search strategy for MORE TH>N; designing the user experience for a suite of widgets for a major clothing retailer and creating sites for clients as diverse as a fine wine merchant and a manufacturer of stairlifts. She has also recently delivered analytics based redesigns of websites for Family Investments and Responsible Travel and is currently working with Neilson Active Holidays on making sense of their analytics data. Jenni is the mother of
two children devoted to Club Penguin and all things online, a proud resident of Brighton and keen on a nice cup of tea…

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