Expectation of technology efficiency has become engrained within the 21st century psyche. Software development has therefore become an essential investment for businesses, to ensure customer satisfaction and the smooth running of company processes. There are a number of essential factors that you need to know about software development in the continually evolving digital landscape.

It is at the centre of your company

Software development is the heartbeat of a company. It influences the running of business and is responsible for a number of integral factors, including; data security, understanding customer needs, app sales revenue, the efficiency of hardware and website development to name but a few. Software is meticulously crafted to optimise a company’s competencies, thus solving any potential technicality issues. Software development, in this instance, eradicates company weaknesses and improves operations.

“All businesses must implement processes to regulate their day to day activities, such as recording time spent, stock levels, customer orders or project financials, to name a few. It’s not surprising that software and databases can be used to automate business processes to a large degree. The choice is then where to get that software; whether it should be built specifically for the business, or procured from the ‘shelf’.  At DCSL Software, we strongly advocate bespoke or custom software to support business – and we eat our own dogfood. Since moving away from a 3rd party project management system in 2014 and implementing our own bespoke software we haven’t looked back, given our ultimate flexibility and control to shape our own processes and successful future.” – Nick Thompson, Managing Director, DCSL Software.

Customer satisfaction is paramount

Software development helps companies put their customers first, every time. Other factors have to come into consideration to help dictate software design, however, customer satisfaction is paramount. Research into what the customer expects from company software will help with development model selection, as their experience will dictate your level of success. Innovation and expectation goes hand in hand in this area.

Open Source dominates

Some software contains source code, which is closed. Only selective people within the organisation can obtain access. This is known as a ‘closed source’ or ‘proprietary’ software. In contrast, open source coding is available to those who need it. It is designed to be publicly accessible so that anyone can modify and even enhance it. This greater transparency bodes well for businesses as it encourages collaboration between company’s, working together to help improve functionalities. After all, two heads are better than one.

There are numerous benefits to open source, such as stronger security and greater regulation of software. Open source allows people to be in control of their own coding, therefore sections can be easily changed if not functioning effectively. As the source code can be accessed publicly, employees can view the coding and offer critique to help the programmers develop the software.

Software development is the future

Digital transformation is inevitable. Today, a business must accept that software innovation is necessary to drive business. There are a few steps to take to ensure that a business is technology savvy. Most importantly is competency with the cloud. The use of the cloud is expected to systematically increase over the next few years, taking precedence over customer-facing applications and CMS. By becoming accustomed to cloud usage now, companies will benefit in the longer term as is continues to out-perform current systems.

What do you need to know?

Companies need to understand how software development is an integral part of any business. The systems will dictate the successes of the company and the efficiency of the technology will have a direct effect on customer satisfaction. Businesses will need to keep up-to-date with the digital landscape, paying particular attention to use of the cloud as the future of software development lies with open source software and cloud-based offerings.

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