Most, if not all, entrepreneurs will tell an aspiring business owner that networking is essential to success. But why? What do you get from networking? What are the benefits?

On behalf of E2Exchange, we asked three entrepreneurs for their thoughts on the benefits of networking.

Firstly we spoke to Troy Collins, founder of Endource, a service that allows you to shop every product featured in the UK's biggest and best fashion magazines and blogs. He said: "I think it’s really important to network. I have met investors, business partners and collaborators in lots of business ventures, and I’ve had investment opportunities as well [through networking].

"There are many benefits that come from it, but the key thing is to make yourself available. Put yourself out there - be prepared to walk into a room, put your hand out, shake somebody’s hand and tell them about yourself."

Next up was King of Shaves and The Entrepreneur in Residence Company founder, Will King. Will explained: "It’s great to learn and to find out from people who are following the same journey as you, people who are experiencing the same issues, the same highs and lows.

"Maybe you’ll meet someone who wants to invest in you, or somebody who can help to scale your business. If you keep yourself closeted in, meeting nobody, talking about nothing, hoping that the world will come to you, sadly the world will pass you by. So get out there and do some networking."

Finally, we spoke to Duncan Bannatyne, founder of Bannatyne Fitness and former Dragon's Den star. Duncan said: "Business is not an exact science, you’re always learning from it and you must enjoy it. I don’t see any point in being an entrepreneur and starting a business unless you enjoy it. You meet like-minded people and you chat, get to know each other and you always learn something."