Candour Talent

Matthew Burkitt, Managing Director, Candour Talent

Candour Talent was founded in 2016 by Matthew Burkitt; the Managing Director. The company started with Matthew working from his home kitchen with the initiative to build a recruitment agency that focuses on people before profits. He believed in creating a work culture where rewarding colleagues for their hard work should be a necessity.

Matthew has always been passionate about getting people back into work and changing their lives by helping them find their dream job. He is driven by making a difference to the people and businesses Candour supports and very passionate about making a difference to the local community and economy. In the future the aim is to grow as a business throughout the UK.

The company is based around its’ values, which are shared with everyone as a team so we are all working towards the same goal, these being, open and honest, ambitious, noticeable, driven, opportunity, understanding and building committed relationships with both clients and candidates, which is where the company’s name came from; Candour meaning open and honest. The business is based around creating transparent relationships with all clients, candidates and employees.