By Claire West

David Cameron has said that a Conservative Government will give more power, discretion and autonomy to local councils.

But he emphasised that greater power must be backed up with greater accountability to local taxpayers.

Speaking at the Conservative Councillors’ Association, Cameron outlined Conservative plans to require councils to publish the following online:

The full remuneration package of all senior staff, earning above £58,500, including name and post.
All items of expenditure above £500, and publish contracts and tender documents in full.

Information on councillors’ expenses in open and standardised format so the public can compare councillor expenses across the country.

The Conservatives have more Councillors than Labour and the Liberal Democrats combined – with almost 10,000 Conservative Councillors, and more than 200 Conservative-run councils.

Cameron said that local government could cut spending through more transparency and by working together. In return, they would get much power. “I’m going to give you much more power and control”, he said. “I’m a Conservative, I trust people, I believe in local power.”

“I believe that when decisions are made closer to people they are better decisions, they are more effective decisions, they are cheaper and they tend to make people much happier too.”