By Phil Jesson

Organisations are the same — you are the difference! Your words will create their worlds – Leaders are dealers in hope and need to create powerful visions for the future so that people know what to hope for. If you are running something, your people will also want to know that you stand for something — your values and beliefs will be important to them.

Business is not just about looking down on the bottom line — it is about looking up at the horizon and the future.

You can be appointed as CEO but you cant’ be appointed as a Leader — they control that honour — it has to be earned.

“Busyness” is a sign of mediocrity. The busier you are the more average you are likely to be. Stand back from it all and indulge in some quality thinking time.

If you know where you are going you are already half-way there. Try the five stage business model — Situation, Strategies, Structure, Systems and Staff.

Board meetings are a little like pandas mating — expectations are always high but the results are often disappointing. Strategy is far too important to be left solely to the board —try forming a strategic working party and involve a few wild ducks — people who refuse to fly in formation.

Many boards and the Pyramids have a lot in common — they are old, they don’t move and nobody is certain how they came to be in that position!

There is a difference between “disloyalty” and disruptive loyalty. Don’t fear people who are “not like you”. All good teams are a collection of differences.

Involve people — if they help plan the battle they won’t battle the plan! People do not resist their own ideas.

Measure your organisation’s heart-count as a % of your organisation’s headcount. Become a passion centre as well as a profit centre. If you get it right, people will come to work because they won’t see it as “work”.

Article taken from “Piranhas In The Bidet” by Phil Jesson — A snappy guide to better partnerships with your customers, your people and yourself.