Airports need to think more carefully about segmenting their databases according to where potential passengers live, new research reveals today.

The survey by customer insight specialist G2 Data Dynamics, conducted among its UK-representative ViewPoint panel of 30,000 UK consumers, shows B2B travellers choose the airport nearest their home for departure.

G2 Data Dynamics believes that if airlines and airports want to relevantly target these travellers with marketing material, they must find ways to map the locations of these potential and actual passengers in relation to their departure airports

Alan Thorpe, Commercial and Operations Director, G2 Data Dynamics, said:

“Following a recent engagement with a business airline, we are using GIS location mapping tools to optimise campaign selections and improve levels of audience interest. We then employ our European wide B2B prospect file to enable purchase of only the most useful prospect data, so improving airlines’ chances of winning new flyers.”