UpCircle Beauty has become the latest name to address the UK’s cost of living crisis - and they’re doing their bit to help their customers enjoy the brand as much as they always have.

The British beauty label, which is built around upcycling by-products, recently found that one in five people in the UK are worried about being able to afford skin care products as a result of soaring inflation rates.

The research panel, conducted by UpCircle via YouGov, worryingly found that one in six people were concerned about affording sun protection, while 20% of UK shoppers found their spending on skin care had noticeably increased in line with RRP rises in recent months.

A quarter of respondents had either decreased their skincare spending or stopped purchasing skin care altogether since the beginning of the cost of living crisis, with men twice as likely as women to quit buying skin care.

In response to this, and to ensure that existing and new customers are able to continue purchasing their products, UpCircle has announced a price freeze on all of its products until 2023.

The brand has further pledged to donate £1,200 worth of stock to Toiletries Amnesty, an organisation that provides access to hygiene essentials for those in need and organised a team-wide volunteer week at The Euston Foodbank in London, UK.

Discussing the pledge, UpCircle’s co-founder Anna Brightman commented, “Normally we’re not ones for a doom and gloom headline but the numbers are hard to put a positive spin on. 

“Our research enables us to deeper understand how the cost of living crisis is impacting people in the UK. We’re responding to our findings by implementing five key ‘cost of living commitments’, including freezing the RRPs of all our products until the end of 2022 and donating £1,200 worth of stock to Toiletries Amnesty.”

So, are businesses set to follow in UpCircle’s footsteps, as we make our way into a huge cost of living crisis? Though keeping prices the same may mean that UpCircle initially loses out on some profit, it is likely that more and more customers will continue and begin purchasing from the brand as their prices stay the same. New customers may come to UpCircle from brands that have now raised their prices, and existing customers are far less likely to leave and try something new.