By Lea Pachta

Jason Margolin, Software Consultant at Hertfordshire digital agency FL1 Group, launched Twiggit last year as a personal project.

Since that time, ever increasing numbers of social media users have been signing up to use the free application which automatically tweets any article for which the user votes on social news website Digg.

Says Jason Margolin: “I developed the application originally to save Digg users time as I could see that Twitter was going to become huge very quickly and they would want to be able to tweet their favourite articles automatically.”

“The service is very easy to use. You just sign into Twiggit via Twitter, then choose whether you want to broadcast all stories you Diggor just stories you submit individually. The rest is automatic so when you Digg a story, your Twitter status will be updated. It is easy to turn Twiggiton and off as well.”

Sharing content is a major part of social media and critical for search engine optimisation. So this application which helps link Digg and Twitter together is a highly value tool for social media enthusiasts and search professionals alike.

Twiggit is a completely free service available at

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