Gabrielle Giner, Head of Environmental Sustainability at BT Group busts the top 4 Green SME myths 

Myth #1 – ‘My business is too small to make a difference’

Reality: Nobody can solve climate change on their own, but collective climate action helps make progress to the Paris Agreement’s 1.5-degree target faster, scaling ambition and inspiring others. The UK’s 6 million small businesses make up 99% of the UK’s enterprises, employ 60% of the UK workforce and generate £2.2 trillion of revenue to the economy, so if more enterprises commit to the journey of reducing their carbon footprint, together we can make a difference. Every little really does count when it comes to avoiding climate crisis.

Myth #2 ‘I’ll have to work out my sustainability journey alone’

Reality: Collaboration is key when it comes to sustainability and platforms such as the UK Business Climate Hub have been created to help support SMEs in becoming more sustainable. BT has been proud to support the hub, which provides a network of like-minded businesses, and helps SMEs find tools and resource to develop a plan to tackle emissions, providing simple ideas for the first steps.

Myth #3 – ‘I don’t have the technology or tools to monitor and measure my net zero progress’

Reality: A survey BT carried out with Small Business Britain found that although 99% of small firms recognise the importance of sustainability, three-quarters of them (77%) don’t know how to measure their carbon emissions and need support. However, there are a host of free, online tools to help you get started today in tracking your own emissions such as EcoAct’s guide to measure work from home emissions and the Carbon Trust’s report to reduce these emissions using recommendations. Small Business Britain also partners with big businesses to help build SME confidence in monitoring and measuring net-zero progress by delivering training, workshops and skills both in-person and online.

Myth #4 – ‘I can’t afford to make sustainable changes to my business”

Reality: Every journey starts with a single step, and the first steps on the sustainable business journey can be as simple as switching to LED lightbulbs or turning the office heating down by one degree. The UK Business Climate Hub highlights several easy steps businesses can take to cut emissions right away that incur no cost and may even save money.