By Daniel Hunter

Ever wondered what working and living in the future will look like? Keen to fast-forward the years and see what your working life might look like in years to come? For all small businesses keen to get a glimpse of the future, then the answers may lie in a new series currently running on Channel 4.

Co-funded by energy company E.ON, ‘Home of the Future’ takes an ordinary family from Sheffield and has packed out their home with all the latest technology and gadgets that are predicted to become the must-haves of homeowners in the coming decades. This Sunday sees the programme turn to the world of work, showing how the cutting-edge technology will transform our working lives.

Showcasing everything from a pocket-sized virtual laser keyboard, through to robots on wheels that let you ‘walk around’ an office in California, the episode shows how our working lives might look in years to come. Expected to be a mainstay of offices in future, the programme also features a 3D printer which allows you to ‘print’ solid objects from pens to lamps.

Speaking about this Sunday’s episode, series presenter and futurism expert Chris Sanderson adds: “In the future we are likely to see three or four people working from one home. So it will become crucial to manage and utilise that living space for 24 hour use.

“The highlight, for me, was the moment the 3D printer arrived at the house. It was like the moment a TV came to a village for the very first time. To come face to face with it and get a real glimpse. It was hugely exciting to be able to design an object and see it being made in front of your eyes.”

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The ‘work’ episode of Home of the Future airs at 7pm on Sunday 19th February on Channel 4.

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