An interview with this year’s Best Support for Remote Workers winner: Careers Wales

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Careers Wales recognised and addressed the potential challenges faced by its workers during the pandemic - becoming early adopters of a variety of admirable programmes intended to mitigate the harsh impact working from home had on its staff, including training 30 mental health first aiders and even relaxing rules around working hours to acknowledge the rough transition to remote working.

This adaptation was crucial for remote workers, and Careers Wales way of going above and beyond to ensure their staff were supported throughout this time, and currently, has put them in top place as the ‘Best Support for Remote Workers’ winner.

We recently caught up with Careers Wales to discuss their achievements at the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards earlier this year, plans for the future and what makes Careers Wales a great place to work. 

Ciara, a representative from Careers Wales, believes that their office wellbeing champions are those responsible for gaining the award, as they were very creative in their approach to remote working. This came from running digital activities, discovering ways to support people with specific challenges, extra help from the ICT department and visible leadership from the CEO. 

“We also took a flexible approach to all our HR policies and considered how we could best support people with specific challenges e.g, people who were trying to homeschool and work during lockdown. We have a fantastic people-centred culture, and this was reflected in so many ways” she said. 

Remote working has only recently become the norm in regards to work-life, spanning the last two years. Luckily Careers Wales had the preparations for remote working in place even before the transition was made to work from home in lockdown. All of their services were offered digitally since the start of lockdown making it easily accessible for everyone

“Many people are still working from home now in 2022, but some people are back in our offices and outreach locations, either for wellbeing reasons or because they delivery services which are better-delivered face to face.  The way forward seems to be a hybrid, balancing the needs of the business with the needs of employees.” 

Remote working doesn’t seem to be making a disappearance any time soon, as we can see from Careers Wales still using hybrid working methods, and because of this, support is still needed. On discussing future plans and initiatives in continuing to support their community, Careers Wales stated that they “are currently completing a complete review of work practices and will report back soon on what the new arrangements will be. In Wales, we are mindful of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, and the need to reduce our carbon footprint. Support for remote workers will continue with health and safety training that includes the home environment, equipment for home workers, digital get-togethers and meetings, and initiatives to help home workers move more during the working day.”

The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards recognise UK-wide initiatives in the wellbeing community and are incredibly proud of the work Careers Wales has done in providing adequate support for remote workers. 

“It is great to be recognised for the work done by so many different people and teams in Careers Wales.  We hope that people will realise that Careers Wales is a great place to come and work!”