New findings suggest that SMEs are among the UK businesses and public sector institutions which are spending £16.7 billion on printing annually.Research carried out by an economic research consultancy, the Centre for Economic Business Research (CEBR), found that the UK spends over £5 billion alone on outsourcing printing. It concluded that "major savings can be made" by all business, including SMEs.The report says that outsourcing printing represents a ‘waste’ and small businesses could act to reduce these costs. If all companies effectively organised their printing services, the CEBR believes, it could yield productivity benefits amounting to £1 billion a year across the UK economy."Most people think of productivity growth simply in terms of heavy investment in new capital equipment," said Douglas McWilliams, the chief executive at CEBR. "However, paying attention to detail in running businesses offers huge scope for higher productivity."Chris Gill, the managing director of OKI Printing Solutions, advised SMEs that they could make substantial saving if they "design and print items such as business cards, corporate brochures, promotional banners and financial reports"."An obvious way for companies to reduce printing costs is to stop all unnecessary outsourced printing – of which over 20 per cent is never even used and then thrown out," concluded Mr Gill.© Adfero Ltd

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