A new platform for sustainable products is crowdfunding to bring better buying to more people than ever – and they aren’t taking any prisoners.

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Greenr will bring trusted sustainable brands together on one website, across a range of categories including fashion, beauty, and cleaning products.

But more than that, Shop Greenr is looking to take on big firms like Amazon and fast fashion retailers like Pretty Little Thing over misleading and false green claims.

Ahead of its launch this Autumn the company is crowdfunding, to give equity to its community and create a movement for positive change.* They already have commitments from University of East Anglia’s Enterprise Fund and the Capital Pilot Boost Fund.

CEO Thomas Panton said: “It’s time to shake things up. We know people want to buy from better places, but right now it’s too hard. After working for Greenpeace for the better half of a decade as a speaker and fundraiser, people kept telling me: ‘I want to buy more sustainably but I don’t know where to go.’ 

“Shop Greenr was founded with the vision to create a relatable and accessible home for amazing brands making better impact products. This crowdfund will enable us to truly kickstart that vision.”

A recent study found that more than a third of UK consumers said they experience ‘buyer’s remorse’ and guilt when they shop on Amazon, due to claims of unfair work practices, unpaid tax and environmental impact. (Sitecore)

“It’s time to Bin Bezos and buy better. But one of the most important things for us is that you don’t have to be perfect. Whether it’s getting rid of plastic in your bathroom or supporting fashion brands that pay workers fair wages, every choice to purchase with purpose counts.”

One of Shop Greenr’s biggest selling points is an innovative impact calculator that will show how the footprint of each of its products is smaller compared to the ‘mainstream’ alternatives. Over time, customers can see the positive impact they’ve had by choosing the greener alternatives.

A cast of experienced business leaders has recently joined Shop Shop Greenr’s advisory board. This includes Andrea Gray, Group Retail Director for Anthony Nicholas Group, which owns Frasier Hart. Andrea has also held senior retail roles at Joules, Monsoon and Burton.

The advisory board also includes Nathan Lomax, founder of ecommerce agency Quickfire Digital, and experienced chair, NED and investor Phil McSweeney. 

You can read more about the crowdfund and register on Crowdcude. 

*Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.