In their weekly blog, Wellity Global tells us about the effects of burnout and financial anxiety.

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As Workplace Wellbeing gets busier and busier, it’s important to reflect on the vast range of industries committed to making a difference in their organisations.

Last week, we visited Insure TV at their head office in London to discuss the stresses of financial anxiety, stress and burnout for those in the broker industry.

Burnout and Financial Anxiety are two of the biggest stressors we are seeing across the globe in all types of industries at the moment. Burnout in particular is an occupational phenomenon and it’s the responsibility of the organisation to understand the risk factors, educate managers and enable employees the opportunity to set boundaries and give feedback on stressors.

Our brand new 22-23 Workplace Wellbeing Solutions Brochure details all of the training topics we offer to help your organisation tackle these key stressors affecting organisations across the globe. You will also find an Awareness Day calendar for you to keep track of significant dates and the wide range of topic titles and resources we offer to support you with these.

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