April Fools’ Day – a day when some of the world’s best known businesses compete for publicity by publishing increasingly ridiculous stories.

It’s only right that we summarise the best and worst ones!

Pimm’s o’clock?

Sponsorship is everywhere these days, isn’t it? You can have your logo on pretty much anything, if you pay enough. Pimm’s attempt at an April Fools’ saw former BBC news anchor, Peter Sissons, report the breaking news that Pimm’s was to be the very first sponsor of none other than Big Ben… Pimm’s o’clock has never been more relevant.

Google (Mic)Drops the ball on email

This one actually got fairly serious. People use Gmail. People like GIFS. People also like Minions of Despicable Me fame. So Google decided to add a button that added a sassy GIF of a Minion dropping a microphone to emails.

It was all fun and games until people unknowingly started sending rather important emails complete with the GIF. One person even claims they lost their job. Ouch!

Google MicDrop

‘I’m staying in the penthouse’, ‘Lovely, the Ritz?’, ‘No, the Eye’

I’ve been on the London Eye, sorry, Coca Cola London Eye twice. Both times I’ve thought, ‘this would be a really great place to spend the night’. Someone was obviously took notice of my comment card, because the London Eye’s “top two” (surely they’re all the same) capsules are being transformed into studio penthouses. I hope it has curtains.

Coca Cola London Eyey

Lets get political

Okay, so these aren’t strictly business April Fool’s jokes. But they definitely deserve and honourable mention.

The SNP announced its first ever candidate for the Mayor of London…


Even Nigel Farage got in on the act, announced he was supporting the Stay campaign in the EU referendum.


Veggie jerky, anyone?

Quick question for vegetarians. Have you ever thought, ‘I wish there was a veggie version of beef jerky’? If you have, you’re not in luck because I’m fairly certain this April Fools’ offering from Wild West would not taste good.

Wild West Veggie Jerky
Image: Wild West

Speaking of beef, who wants a steak tan?

There’s a new tanning product on the market. Beefeater Steak Tan is an actual thing… if you’re gullible and believe April Fools’ jokes. The advert shows ‘Rare’ and ‘Well done’ versions, but presumably the range will expand to medium-rare, medium and medium-well?

Image: Beefeater
Image: Beefeater

Oi! Put that coffee down!

I’ll admit – this one almost had me. Well, it had me until about halfway in. Indycube, a co-working space with locations across Wales, announced that it would no longer offer coffee in its spaces due to several adverse effects on productivity.

It really was quite believable until they started describing one worker “whizzing around our space in Tradestreet on a motor-scooter, singing atop his voice and even throwing down some beats in the meeting room” and plenty more. Full release here.

China hates April Fools’ Day

This one really is no joke. According to reports, China’s state news agency described April Fools’ jokes as “un-Chinese”.

April Fools’ “does not conform with our nation’s cultural traditions, nor does it conform with the core values of socialism”, it said!