True or false: the most important part of running a business is how we treat our customers. False, says Kate Jones from Inspiring Interns.

According to her, the most important part of running a successful company is how we treat our staff.

Whilst it may seem like a cliché, happy staff equal happy customers, and there’s a lot to be said about ensuring your staff members are content within the workplace. Not only will this create a pleasant working environment, but it will also ensure they remain loyal to your company.

Here are some of the benefits of maintaining a happy workforce.


 If a staff member is unhappy at their place of work then they may not be inclined to do their job to the best of their capacity. They may feel undervalued, unmotivated or may simply not want to perform at their best as a result of their attitude towards the company.

Whatever their reasoning, this lack of productivity is extremely detrimental to the success of your business. By creating a happy working environment, you are ensuring staff enjoy working for you and your business and therefore they will be more inclined to perform to the best of their ability, thus increasing the productivity of your company as a whole.

 Low staff turnover

Hiring new staff can pose a risk to business owners. Investing your time and money in training them only for them to leave soon after taking on the role uses up valuable time, energy and resources. Other staff members may be distracted from their own workload while they train or assist new team members, and enrolling them into your pay or HR systems also takes time.

If a staff member feels they are not being treated well and leaves your company soon after taking a position, you will not only have wasted your company’s time and money in training them for the role, but you will also have to start the hiring process from the beginning. By treating your staff well and providing a positive environment for them to work in, they are far more likely to stay with your company, minimising staff turnover and saving you money in the long run.

Customer service

When your staff are happy at work, this reflects on their performance and can be seen by customers. Their attitude will be better, their work will be better and in turn they will provide your customers with better service.

This can often lead to staff ‘going the extra mile’, which will make a customer’s experience of interacting with your company both positive and memorable. These types of experiences often lead to positive recommendations to friends and family and the future acquisition of new customers, which in turn equals more success for your business.

 Staff morale

A positive staff attitude really is infectious, and a happy office is the key to providing good service, but this works both ways. If your staff members are unhappy in their working environment, their negative attitudes can spread like wildfire and your customers are sure to notice. By treating your staff well, you are creative a positive working environment. Make your colleagues want to come to work, and they’ll perform their best in return.

Nobody likes to coming into work every day, and there are simply some days that may feel less positive and productive than others. But if you treat your staff well and work towards cultivating a positive working environment, you colleagues are sure to perform to their highest standards in return, encouraging them to provide your customers with exemplary service and ensuring the success and growth of your business.

By Kate Jones, graduate jobs writer for Inspiring Interns.