Small businesses are more worried about lost income and customers not paying than global issues like terrorism or climate change, according to new research.A report by Barclays Business Insurance found that nearly one in four (39.6 per cent) of SMEs were worried about lost income. Similarly, over a third (36.4 per cent) were concerned about cash-flows being disrupted by customers not paying.Even issues such as employee fraud (10.3 per cent) and lost mobile phones (13.2 per cent) were more pressing issues than flooding or terrorism. These two issues only worried 4.9 and 5.3 per cent of SMEs respectively."Life is full of twists and turns and running a business is no different. There are always going to be things that happen that you can’t fully prepare for but many of the issues that cause the most worry can be covered by insurance, often at relatively low cost," said Mark Till, marketing director for Barclays Business Insurance.Mr Till warned that one in seven business owners had to close their business at some time because of unforeseen problems. He added: "Basic insurance is an essential rather than optional extra."Recently, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association launched a major campaign to encourage SMEs to implement business continuity plans to help companies cope with unforeseen events.© Adfero Ltd

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