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It is well known that there is a shortage of coders, but according to a new survey, it seems there is a shortage of sales professionals, too.

The process of recruiting and hiring enterprise sales professionals is becoming even more challenging, according to a new study published by Impartner. The survey of over 200 companies reveals that nine out of ten hiring managers find it difficult to recruit direct sales professionals, with 57 per cent reporting that the problem has got worse over the past 18 months. These hiring challenges are directly preventing companies from reaching revenue goals, according to roughly three-quarters of those surveyed.

Factors holding back hiring included

  • lack of candidates with relevant experience, 46 per cent
  • shortage of candidates who understand the company’s offerings, 22 per cent
  • high compensation requirements for qualified candidates (16 per cent)
  • and increased hiring competition from peer organisations (16 per cent).

Impartner reckons the fix may lie with the indirect sales channel.

Dave R Taylor, CMO of Impartner explained:  “In a business climate where qualified enterprise sales candidates are costly and in short supply, companies can’t put all their revenue eggs in the direct sales basket.”