“No more dirty pints” is the powerful message from craft beer brand, Brewgooder, to mark World Water Day.

The brewer, led by Alan Mahon who won the National Entrepreneur for Good Award in 2018, gives 100% of its profits to clean water charities as part of a mission to end water poverty for one million people. Since 2016, it has helped 60,000 people in Malawi gain access to clean water.

Alan Mahon, founder of Brewgooder said “This World Water Day we are taking something synonymous with irresponsible drinking – and turning it on its head. With 800 million people having to regularly drink from unsafe sources, and water being so central to brewing, we’re calling on the entire industry to get behind this campaign, to give us their voice and use the social power of beer to spread a message that we stand with those people for whom unsafe water is the drink of no-choice.”

A ‘dirty pint’ is typically an irresponsible cocktail of various alcoholic drinks – and whatever else is nearby – consumed as part of a dare or punishment. But Brewgooder’s campaign gives a far more sobering definition to the term ‘dirty pint’.

An estimated 800 million people around the world have no option to drink water from unsafe water sources, often shared by animals and containing life-threatening bacteria. ‘The Dirty Pint’ aims to raise awareness and encourage ‘conscious drinking’.

The video – captured in Malawi, one of the poorest countries on the globe – shows footage of an elderly man walking to an open water source to collect water in a pint glass. The man carries the water back up to his village before placing the pint glass on a wall, with the water visibly unclear and dirty.

Brewgooder has also confirmed that it will be undertaking construction of a borehole at the village where the video footage was captured, ensuring that the estimated 500 people living there will gain consistent, safe water access and prevent further usage of the unsafe water source.

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Originally posted on Great British Entrepreneur Awards