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Motivating staff is becoming an increasingly important consideration for businesses. To find out how businesses can motivate their staff, we spoke to Richard Cummings, manager director of HR Insight.

“People seem to think that pay is the only way to motivate and engage employees," Mr Cummings said.

"This is far from the actual fact. There are two elements with engaging employees, one is what motivates them and what demotivates them and the secret really is to look at the demotivating factors first and eliminate them and then look at the motivating factors and what would drive your employees to become more engaged in your company and more engaged in your brand as a whole.”

He then commented on staff pay and how businesses know if they pay them correctly. He said: “There will always be companies that pay more than you do. Most employers do seem to think they are paying the right amount for their employees, but if you have large exits from your organisation and you have employees leaving and citing money then you may have an issue. Although that money isn’t always the only factor you can do some quick benchmarking techniques or exercises to see if you are paying the right amount. Have a look at the competitors and see what they’re paying, look at the job market and have a look at recruitment consultancies, give them a call, tell them you’re recruiting and they’ll give you the current market rate and then you can go back have a look at that

Even though staff benefits are essential, Cummings said: “The majority of staff benefits have a cost to your business, so if you think about things like free parking that is actually a benefit that has a cost to it because you’re saving your employees from parking locally.

But you can make it a benefit rather than a cost: “Most employers have a local sandwich shop or a local gym, it’s quite conceivable that you could go and negotiate a discount for your employees that would then be a benefit that you are giving them and it wouldn’t cost you anything.”