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After all the excitement of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards ceremony, we sat down with the winners to find out more about their plans for the future and what it means to be a Great British Entrepreneur.

Sam Barnett, founder and CEO of Struq, was named 'Digital Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year'. Struq is a personalised re-targeting advertising platform. Working with brands like Tesco and Abercrombie & Fitch, Struq helps businesses to bring back customers who have abandoned an online purchase.

Sam said: "The team had a great deal of pride. I think it makes a real difference when people have given up jobs at big, corporate companies. And so they had an award that showed the things they're working for in this cool start-up. They could display that to their friends and family, and show that what they were working on really mattered, and they did a great job."

But what about after the awards? What impact did winning the award have on Sam and his team?

Sam said: "It's raised a culture of morale and really attract talent. When you are a business that's trying to do something that's transformative, and you're winning awards along the way, more people feel better about working at that company. That's when people want to join.

All entrepreneurs need help and advice at several points during their careers. So we asked Sam what advice he would give to someone in the same position he was in a year ago.

He said: "Remain focused, discipline, maintain your self-belief and ensure you continue to provide context. Motivation, inspiration to your team - make sure you lead by example."

So let's find out more about the business that helped Sam to his award.

"We are transforming advertising, so that every ad you see will be personal and relevant to you. It contains the most relevant products, messages, colours that are most likely to appeal to you. So we're transforming advertising from this generic communication to one that it personalised and relevant to you."