Code Zero

King of Shaves, the independent men’s grooming brand founded by NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards judge Will King, has today revealed its commitment to reduce single-use plastics, with the launch of its single-use plastic free range and a commitment to be completely single-use plastic free by 2023.

The move comes as the UK’s toiletries industry is one of the biggest contributors to the global waste plastics in landfills and oceans crisis.

King of Shaves has launched the Code Zero range, the first product from which is estimated to save 15 tonnes of plastic every year. In addition, the company said it will be single-use plastic free by 2023.

Will King, Founder and Executive Chairman of the brand, and one of the UK’s best-known entrepreneurs has challenged the cosmetics and toiletries industry to join a single-use plastics free pledge as King of Shaves announces a new lifetime-use product platform.

The Code Zero range of lifetime use, refillable products will include shaving, skin care, deodorants, lip balms, hair styling and oral care products. The aluminium and cork used in production and packaging is designed with Circular Economy principles, an approach to industry that moves away from linear consumption and towards reuse. Refills will be sold in 100% recyclable and/or compostable formats.

The first product in the range, the Code Zero Shave Stick will be available exclusively to pre-order by backers on Indiegogo from 10th April with a full rollout through leading UK retailers and online later this year.

A new online purchase model will allow customers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint without it costing a premium over existing single-use plastic packaged products. The move forms part of a long-planned, sustainable and responsible brand and platform shift for King of Shaves.

Will King said: “Since 1993, we’ve made shaving and skincare products for men and women, that have protected their skin from rash, burn and pain. Now we need to do the same for our planet, zeroing out unnecessary, unacceptable and undesirable single-use plastic product formats.

“As a responsible branded goods manufacturer, selling millions of units each year, we strongly feel it’s our responsibility to future generations to help consumers make a sustainable change without it costing them more. There should be no ‘sustainable packaging tax or cost increase. Our Code Zero range is more than a range of products designed with Circular Economy principles, we intend our #MyCodeZero initiative to become a lifetime movement with the purpose to campaign against and zero out unacceptable behaviour in all its forms. The #MyCodeZero call to action is designed to not just ‘shave lives’ better but treat our planet and its finite resources with respect.”

Hugo Tagholm, CEO of Surfers Against Sewage said: “The level of pollution the world currently faces is on a scale many people struggle to comprehend. The impact a well-known brand like King of shaves can have on reducing waste is so important, not just because of the reduction of single-use plastic, but because of the precedent and challenge it sets for other brands. We’re delighted to partner with King of Shaves, they will also be a partner of the inaugural Plastic Free Awards in November, and we’re jointly looking forward to working together”.