Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine: Spring 2019

Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine Spring 2019

The Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine, Spring 2019 edition features companies leading the way in British cuisine and interviews with inspirational entrepreneurs. 

Welcome to the third issue of Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine, which arrives as we move into our seventh year of the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

While very busy, it’s a hugely exciting time of year for us because it means we get to meet another swathe of the UK’s best entrepreneurial talent.

Great British Entrepreneurs Magazine Spring 2019

In catching a glimpse of what the future has in store for British enterprise, we get to hear more amazing stories and business lessons to pass on to our readership.

Our current issue holds two schools of thought up to the light: Does raw entrepreneurship or university offer the surest route to business success?

From MOBO Awards founder, Kanya King CBE, to London Grace owner, Kirsten White, our question leads us to showcase a truly diverse set of individuals whose respective pathways to success are unique, moving and remarkable in equal measure.

We culminate in a mouth-watering showdown between the worlds of academia and self-made business.

If bruising at times, we trust the debate ultimately tells of a vibrant business ecosystem here UK, and an entrepreneurial landscape of unprecedented opportunity.