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November 2015 brings with it the third Great British Entrepreneur Awards, celebrating the story of entrepreneurs' success, not just their balance sheet.

We caught up with one of the judges, Ed Clarke, managing director of ground operations in the UK at FedEx Express and FedEx UK, to find out why he's involved with the awards.

"Well, this is the second year we’ve been involved with the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, and it’s the first year that I’ve actually been part of the judging panel which I’m really looking forward to. And it’s a superb platform for companies and individuals to really showcase themselves and show what it is they do; why they are special and give them a big push forward into the public arena. And I think it’s a marvelous opportunity for us."

Mr Clarke also explained why it's so important to recognise entrepreneurial success.

"I really want to say a big thank you the SMEs for all the great contribution they’ve made to the economy in the UK, to employment and to having successful businesses. I'd also like to be able to... give them some advice about international shipping and look to explore those opportunities with them."

Finally, Ed called on UK entrepreneurs to enter the awards.

"It’s a fabulous opportunity it’s free for anyone to enter, it’s open to all SMEs and there’s a huge range of different areas and categories for them to be part of," he said.

"Anything from tech, fashion to small SMEs and many more. It’s a fantastic networking opportunity and a springboard for success just look at the companies from last year that took part."