Coutts square

NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards partner, Coutts, has launched a new platform that will enable its network of influential and celebrated clients to meet, introduce and interact with each other online.

The only, yet important, entry criterion for Coutts Connect is that the user must be an existing client of the private bank.

The launch follows a successful pilot, and users are able to link seamlessly from their LinkedIn profile for quick registration. Once membership is approved, users are able to contact each other, seek advice, ask questions, advertise for Non-Executive Directors, or seek contacts to work with on new business opportunities.

Aimed to appeal to successful entrepreneurs and angel investors, in particular, it is open to all clients ranging from senior city professionals, through to sports stars, musicians and landowners. The platform uses matching algorithms to link users together with others who share their interests or could meet their needs.

Users are able to pose questions in a group chat, ideal for seeking advice on the process of exiting a business, seeking the sharing of experiences and ideas, or private message other users. Additionally, subscribers are able to advertise positions, business opportunities and collaborations, or they can also browse other members’ profiles and invite relevant people to respond. Posts can be public, private or restricted to a specific audience.

Stuart Newey, Head of Banking at Coutts said: “For three centuries, Coutts has gone beyond the ordinary role of a bank by introducing our influential and successful clients to each other so that together they can achieve great things. Being a part of this ‘Coutts Community’ is what draws many new clients to bank with us and we believe that we have a client base that is the envy of the world. Traditionally, this has been done through networking events and face-to-face meetings, but to meet the demands of an increasingly fast-paced and technology-driven world we have now launched our own networking site. By keeping this to clients only, we recognise the appeal that this brings to its users and we hope that this new tool will be a catalyst for many new business deals.”

This new service is in addition to Coutts great series of networking opportunities, with numerous events taking place each year offering educational, networking and ‘daring to be different’ experiences for clients.