Along with our partners Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards prides itself on supporting exciting entrepreneurs making waves in the UK. Here are our 15 entrepreneurs that are shaking up education and learning.

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From DIY coding kits, to the world’s first digital textbook subscription service, and a language learning app for adults, these entrepreneurs have one thing in common, the passion to inspire and educate.

Along with our partners Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards prides itself on supporting exciting entrepreneurs making waves in the UK. Here are our 15 entrepreneurs that are shaking up education and learning.




Fiona & Dr Graeme Fraser-Bell – Accentuate Games Ltd

Brother and sister duo, Fiona and Graeme Fraser-Bell are the co-founders of Accentuate Games. Accentuate Games is the creator of some of the UK’s best-selling board games including Frenetic, Rats to Riches and ‘Hilarious-guess-the-accent game’, Accentuate. Backed by Peter Jones on Dragon’s Den, Accentuate Games is Peter’s most successful games investment to date.





Kate Boyle – Banjo Robinson

Banjo Robinson is a letter subscription package that follows the journey of a magical cat travelling on his global adventures, sending letters, maps and activities to children twice a month to teach them about different destinations around the world. Set up by Kate Boyle in 2017, the idea came from her memories as a child when her father hid letters around the house for her to find.





Sophie Deen – Bright Little Labs

Active in over 30 countries, Bright Little Labs is a children’s media company offering educational and interactive stories, apps, cartoons and games that challenge stereotypes and express diverse role models. Born from a dream that Sophie had where kids were in charge of global intelligence, Bright Little Labs is now backed by the Cabinet Office and has internet safety resources in over 22,000 schools.





Christina Armstrong – Geo Journey

Former solicitor Christina Armstrong stepped away from her profession when she felt the urge to do something more fun. After teaching her children about the different countries and cultures in the world, Christina set out to create a fun and educational subscription for children to learn geography or astronomy. Geo Journey design creative adventure kits that include a suitcase, passport and travel journal, building a unique experience that children can keep forever.





Nelson Sivalingam & Kuvera Sivalingam – HowNow

HowNow is an integrated learning platform designed to assist workforces with self-directed learning. The platform founded by Nelson and Kuvera Sivalingam, allows those with knowledge and expertise to teach keen learners what they know, and equips users with the tools to curate and deliver digital learning. From courses, to files, to books, HowNow brings all learning resources together in one place.





Dr Bryan Hatton & Mia Hatton – Letterbox Lab

Bonding over their love for science and the need to inspire the next generation, Dr Bryan and Mia Hatton developed Letterbox Lab, a subscription science kit that comes straight to your door. Each kit includes easy to follow science experiments and projects that you can do in your own home without having to worry about equipment or materials.





Adit Trivedi & Toby Mather – Lingumi

Whilst studying Modern Languages at Oxford University, Toby Mather came up with the idea for Lingumi after teaching English to children in Russia and Italy. He realised that children found it difficult to learn the words, accent and structures of the language. Teaming up with Adit Trivedi, the duo created Lingumi, a fun and playful way for children from the age of two to learn English using AI voice technology and interactive learning games.





Ben Whately, Ed Cooke & Greg Detre – Memrise

Founded in 2010 by Ben Whatley, Ed Cooke and Greg Detre, Memrise is a language learning app for adults, using short videos and clips of native speakers to bring languages to life. Now used by over 40 million people, Memrise pride themselves on connecting individuals with others and the world around them.





Anja Ffrench – Mud & Bloom

Connecting children with nature is the main aim of Mud & Bloom boxes. The monthly gardening and nature crafts subscription box was created by Anja Ffrench in 2017 who believes that “all children should have access to green space and to experience putting their hands in soil and growing their own vegetables”. Anja designed these boxes to be accessible to people with or without gardens, hoping that parents and children can explore and enjoy nature together.





Joshua Davidson – Night Zookeeper

Joshua Davidson is the founder of Night Zookeeper, an engaging online resource improving children’s creativity with their writing skills and imagination. Aligned with the National Curriculum, Night Zookeeper gives children the opportunity to discover and create imaginative animals that join an interactive world, and can be featured in Joshua’s story books or in an animated series with Sky Kids.





Gauthier Van Malderen & Matthew Davis – Perlego

Perlego is the world’s first digital subscription service for textbooks. Billed as ‘the Spotify of textbooks’, Perlego was founded in 2016 by Gauthier Van Malderen and Matthew Davis. The digital online library is available to users worldwide and focuses on the delivery of academic, professional and non-fictional eBooks.





Filippo Yacob & Matteo Loglio – Primo Toys

Filippo Yacob and Matteo Loglio were unsatisfied by the status quo of educational toys on the market, so in 2013 they founded Primo Toys. The London-based toy company is most known for creating the Cubetto Playset, a coding robot for children aged 3-9, and the most crowd-funded edtech invention in history.





Naimish Gohil – Satchel

Naimish Gohil is the founder of the school improvement and classroom management software, Satchel. Naimish was driven by the desire to unite parents, students and teachers, aiming to solve some of the technology issues within the teaching process. Their flagship product ‘Show My Homework’ creates online timetables, seating plans and student progress, and is used in over 16,000 schools.





Bethany Koby & Daniel Hirschmann – Tech Will Save Us

Aiming to inspire the next generation of makers, coders and designers, Tech Will Save Us was founded by Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann in 2012. Their DIY gadget kits help children to make, play, code and invent using technology, sparking the creative imagination of young people in over 97 countries across the world.





Scott Woodley & Mark Hughes – Tutorful

Set up by Scott Woodley and Mark Hughes, Tutorful’s mission is to remove the hassle of finding a private tutor, by connecting learners and tutors across the UK. By bringing together over 11,000 tutors in one place, from school teachers, to degree level students and experienced tutors, Tutorful has taught over 1,000,000 lessons and helped over 80,000 students.




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