The StartUp Award National Series helps champion and support the ever-growing number of start-ups across the UK. We look to discover and celebrate some of the most exciting new businesses.  

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As well as our mission to champion these startups, we are dedicated to supporting them far beyond just the awards ceremonies. We aim to provide them with resources and opportunities to help them excel in their business journey, and any other ventures they may take on - and with the help of partners like Dream Factory, we are able to fulfil this mission.

Making content that reaches your customers effectively usually takes a lot of money, production expertise and time. But it doesn’t have to. Dream Factory makes everything easier by providing the studio, equipment, team and direction you need to make groundbreaking content, for an annual fee that’s a fraction of the standard rates.

Discussing the new partnership, Samuel Gray, Head of Partnerships at Dream Factory said: “Creating impactful content for your startup can feel like hitting the wall on the last miles of a marathon. You’ve done everything you were supposed to and more to get the business off the ground, but then you’re faced with the challenge of actually reaching your audience.

“More accurately perhaps, you’re focused on the question, “What is my brand image?” knowing that if you don’t place the brand or its sense at the centre of your decision making, it’s going to cause issues down the line, if not at the very start.

“Giving founders the tools to learn how their customers feel more readily, makes developing brand and business strategy a much easier task. The aim of this partnership is to provide impact-driven founders with a team and community who are fully behind their mission, whilst creating more time, resources and creativity. We encourage all founders and their teams to make their visions heard, scale them and ultimately change the world.”

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, at the StartUp Awards National Series, said: “We are so excited to be partnering with Dream Factory to help the startups in our community have access to the best content creation skills and support, and take their business to the next level. Their commitments to helping small businesses and their founders truly align with everything we do here at the StartUp Awards, and teaming up with them will allow our community’s futures to be even brighter than before.”

Enjoy a discount on Dream Factory services by affiliation with Startup Awards National Series and reach your audience like never before!

Find out more about Dream Factory here, and see how they can help you!