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  • Scentered

    Scentered partners with refuge to support victims of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic


    Did you know that domestic abuse has surged in the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic? MAY 2020, UK – With a surge in demand for the National Domestic Abuse Helpline during lockdown. mindfulness lifestyle brand Scentered ® have partnered with Refuge, who run this Helpline and are a charity ...

  • Easybreathing

    EasyBreathing secures deal to supply 30 million frontline workers with PPE!


    The shortage of certified PPE in the UK during the current pandemic has been headline news for weeks. It was this headline news that led three Cheltenham entrepreneurs to form the most phenomenal partnership! In the first two weeks of lockdown EasyBreathing successfully imported over two million units of PPE ...

  • Joe Binder

    8 Learnings from 2 Years of Bootstrapping a Company


    By Joe Binder, WOAW I love running a business, but there’s no denying it has its highs and lows. I’ve grabbed every opportunity to be open about the realities of entrepreneurial life, even when it’s meant delving into my insecurities in a very public way . My first two years ...

  • Feature

    How challenger brands disrupt with referral marketing


    Contribution by Sophia King, Mention Me. Originally featured here . Remember the first time you heard of Uber? You probably had no idea what it was. But before long it seemed to come up in almost every conversation. Next thing you know, you’re talking about Uber-ing places and can’t remember ...

  • OpenGenius 1500x1000

    Development Bank of Wales supporting: OpenGenius


    “We’re proud to be based in Wales, and firmly believe that Ayoa can help people improve their work processes around the globe," Chris Griffiths, owner and founder. Cardiff-based OpenGenius develops high-tech software for innovators and creative teams. Its app, Ayoa, has been used by teams and individuals from Disney, Harvard ...

  • News

    Hancock plays straight bat as he tries to deal with curved questions


    At the latest government Covid-19 press briefing, the heath secretary Matt Hancock was forced to deal with a barrage of questions concerning Dominic Cummings. Mr Hancock focused on falling infections rates, deaths and a possible Covid-19 treatment but was forced to deal with a series of questions either directly or ...

  • Feature

    Why you should build referral into your 2020 marketing plans


    Contribution by Angela Southall, Mention Me. Originally featured here . It’s that time of year when marketers take a look back at their marketing activity performance. What made the grade, what was bottom of the class, and what should be banished from your marketing toolbox, never to return? Hopefully, you’ll ...

  • Ffwrnes pizza 1500x1000

    Development Bank of Wales supporting: Ffwrnes Pizza


    “Smokey Pete and Sam Van Tân are out on the road cooking up a storm and now with the help of the Development Bank, we can also offer the good people of Cardiff an amazing taste of Italy right here in Cardiff Indoor Market. It’s a recipe for success,” Jeremy ...

  • Global strategy

    Is this the end of the global brand?


    By Scott Mason, head of strategy, StormBrands. What does the future hold for global brands? For most of our lifetimes, increasing globalisation has been the prevailing trend. We hop on an aeroplane, communicate via email, eat strawberries in December. The pandemic, however, has thrown into sharp relief the rise in ...

  • Video calling

    5 ways to build a strong company culture across remote teams


    By Sam Hill, Head of People and Culture at BizSpace Maintaining a strong company culture is one of the greatest challenges faced by remote teams. In an office environment, the company’s goals, values and personality can be communicated effectively through huddles and group activities that involve everyone, but with your ...

  • Feature

    7 ways to transform your organisation from being data-rich but insight-poor…to becoming insight-rich


    By Data Cubed. Most businesses have the same problem when it comes to data… They are data-rich – with megabytes, gigabytes or terrabytes of data being stored, transferred and processed in their organisation everyday Yet they are insight-poor – with a lack of data-driven decision-making and no actionable ...

  • Workplace with computer at home

    Managing sickness and absences during unprecedented times and beyond


    By Andy Shettle, Chief Product Officer of ER Tracker at Selenity As employees settle into a new way of working, shifting tasks online and logging into video calls, they are also looking to their Human Resource (HR) teams to help them through this very stressful time. With widespread homeworking sweeping ...

  • Cool your hacker portrait in the dark

    UK public sector remains highly vulnerable to ransomware attack


    A lack of awareness among public sector employees around cyber security is leaving it vulnerable to ransomware and other forms of cyber-attack, according to new research today from data security provider Clearswift , a HelpSystems Company. The research with 1,000 public sector employees, revealed that almost half of respondents (47%) ...

  • Psychotherapy Concept, Mental Health Disorders, Unrecognizable People

    Half of companies ill-equipped to support employee mental health


    Half of all companies don’t have the resources to properly support employee mental health, according to a new survey from workforce intelligence platform e-days . Released during Mental Health Awareness Week (18th-24th May), the survey results from more than 100 HR leaders found that over 53% of businesses felt that ...

  • Knowledge

    How business leaders can close their ‘knowledge gaps’


    By Justas Janauskas, co-founder and CEO at Qoorio In a world full of information, knowledge is often under-appreciated as an ‘asset class’. We are surrounded by information – but what is information? It is data – the who, what, when, where of life. But information alone cannot answer the much ...

  • News

    What NOT to post on Social Media during a pandemic


    Shaz Memon, an award-winning digital marketing expert and founder of Digimax. With a month of lockdown behind us in the UK, I think everyone can agree that these are strange times we’re living through. Even six weeks ago, when China, Italy and Spain had swingeing isolation measures in place, the ...

  • Feature

    Contract flexibility crucial to weathering the COVID-19 storm


    By Martin Noble, commercial partner at law firm, Shakespeare Martineau COVID-19 is putting a deep strain on almost all areas of UK business. With inbound payments decreasing and cash flow slowing down, many companies are struggling to cope with the effects of the outbreak. So, what steps can businesses take ...

  • Shop assistant opening store

    Brands treatment of staff top priority for consumers


    As the UK gradually eases lockdown restrictions, consumers most want to hear from brands about how they are protecting employee safety and jobs, according to new research. The consumer survey conducted by PR agency Speed found that over a third (37%) wanted to see brands communicate measures they have taken ...

  • handshaking in office

    Majority of Brits worried about losing their job during the coronavirus pandemic


    According to an exclusive new study from the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library , the majority (53.2%) of Brits are worried about losing their job during the coronavirus pandemic. What’s more, three-quarters (77.2%) of workers on furlough have expressed concerns that there may not be a job available for ...

  • Feature

    How to ‘stay alert’ when it comes to coronavirus marketing


    By Liam Patton, director at digital marketing agency Mayfly . The Government’s latest ‘Stay Alert’ coronavirus slogan has received a mixed response in the press and on social media. It’s led to countless memes and seen the Prime Minister jumping to its defence to explain exactly how it works. Whether ...