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Adverttu CO2 offsetting offers the best in measurement with complete control over how you choose to offset. It’s the simplest – and most effective way to remove your impact.

Brands can choose how they offset their campaigns, from:

  • Planting Mangrove trees planted in Madagascar.
  • Creating protected land with Brazilian Nut Concessions in Peru.
  • Social support programs.

Outside of offsetting, brands can also access a 100% EV Fleet.

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advertuu 2022 key events

advertuu 2022 key events

Turn heads in 2022!

Q1 2022 is a great time for brands to be front of mind, given that nearly half the population feel motivated to make changes to their life. To help you plan, we’ve prepared a free Q1 UK event guide, covering key sporting events, retail occasions, as well as food and beverage events (to name a few).

Whether you’re launching an on-vehicle advertising campaign at London Fashion Week or want to swarm a Six Nations game at Twickenham Stadium, Adverttu has your back.

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Case Study: Meatless Farm Eyes on the road, not our M… F… Burger

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Adverttu to launch the car advertising arm of our M… F… campaign. The friendliness and cooperation of the team meant the whole process was a breeze. We highly recommend Adverttu to anyone looking for a more creative and innovative approach to their advertising.”

Jade Hawksworth, International Marketing Manager, Meatless Farm

Read the case study here

food and drink heros

Congratulations to the winners of Food & Drink Heroes!

We’ve gifted each of the 12 winners an on-vehicle advertising campaign. View their campaigns below!

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