Ahead of her presentation at the Digital Marketing Show, our friends at the Digital Marketing Magazine spoke to Fran Brosan, chairman and co-founder of Omobono, to talk about whether or not connecting digital across the business is like herding cats.

Fran was asked why Digital Marketing Show 2015 attendees would be interested in her talk.

Fran said: "Digital has completely changed the way that we do our jobs as marketers. It's allowed everybody to do communications with customers and prospects. It's taken it out of marketing's hands, effectively. Our research has shown that only 52% of the money being spent in digital is being spent by marketing, so nearly half of it is in somebody else's control and in a situation like that, you think, actually what is the role of marketing in this new digital age? I think that's something that really needs exploring."

The Omobono co-founder also elaborated on research the company had carried out. She said: "We've done this research called 'The Recipe for Digital Success in B2B' and the reason we've done it is that digital is totally transforming the way that we do our work as marketers. It's not just marketing automation, social, mobile that we have to get our heads around. It's also the way we work, as organisations. So our research islooking at the impact that digital has had on an organisation and has really revealed the fact that it's not just 'marketing' that are doing digital - and the question then becomes, well if everyone's doing digital, what's the role of marketing? That's what we were trying to find out.

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