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  • Light-Bulb-How to build relationships with the media

    How to build relationships with the media


    In this session, we sit down with award-winning entrepreneur, publicity coach and personal brand strategist, Tru Powell.

  • The importance of storytelling in business

    The importance of storytelling in business


    In this session, GBEA founder Francesca James will sit down with founder and CEO of StoryTerrace, Rutger Bruining to talk through the importance of storytelling for your business and interpreting this through press, marketing, sales and advertising.

  • Social media, phone

    How will brands engage as more consumers switch off from social media?


    Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, a quiet revolution has been growing on our mobile devices, or should we say away from them.

  • iOS 14.5

    The effectiveness of the ad economy post-Covid


    Like many industries and most aspects of life, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact. And the advertising industry is no different.

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    Successful businesses build brand communities, not follower lists


    Digital marketing channels might be changing our perception of the marketplace; however, no matter how sophisticated social media platforms get, people still buy from people.

  • James Oakley - FBT LIVE

    How much should a small business be spending on Google ads?


    In this free session, James Oakley, recognised as one of the world’s leading mobile marketers, identified how much small businesses should be spending on Google Ads.

  • Influencers FBT Thumbnail LIVE

    How to use Influencers to grow your business


    In this free session, Great British Entrepreneur Awards head of content Jonathan Davies sat down with founder of Influencer, Ben Jeffries and influencer marketing manager of Shreddy, Laurr Lethbridge-Hall.

  • Faraz Aghaei - FBT Thumbnail LIVE

    Building a brand: Narrative to visualisation


    In this free session, Great British Entrepreneur Awards head of content Jonathan Davies spoke with Faraz Aghaei, co-founder and creative director of The Clerkenwell Brothers to discuss why branding is so important.

  • tiktok-5064078_1920

    Short video is ‘charging a revolution’ in brand advertising


    The short video which is often produced using a smartphone and TikTok for a low budget is transforming traditional advertising and PR, suggest media experts who recently participated in an online roundtable. But traditional advertising is not dead.

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    Twitter founder donates 28% of his wealth to coronavirus fight


    Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief executive, has pledged to donate $1bn (£800m) to fund coronavirus research to help “disarm this pandemic”. Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter in 2006 and went on to found payments company Square, tweeted on Tuesday that he was donating $1bn of Square shares to a charitable fund, called ...

  • whatsapp

    WhatsApp clamping down on false COVID 19 news


    With billions of people unable to see their friends and family in person due to COVID-19, people are relying on WhatsApp more than ever to communicate. People are talking to doctors, teachers, and isolated loved ones via WhatsApp during this crisis.

  • home

    Can an emoji save lives?


    By Ritchie Metha, School of Marketing There is a sort of irony in our current global predicament. As Coronavirus forces us into ‘social distancing’ it has brought the world closer together in a way that is unimaginable. Today, more than ever we stand as a global community, where no one ...

  • rsz_twitter-1795652_1280

    It’s a hack @Jack – Twitter boss’s account breached


    Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and chief executive of Twitter had his own account taken over by hackers, reports reveal.

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    5 companies that are killing it on social media


    When it comes down to marketing, selling ideas is better than selling anything else. The most amazing product can fail in the marketplace is the consumers aren’t emotionally involved in its story. Rather than sell an oven, sell how the oven will bring the family together. Instead of selling water, sell the story of it’s filtering through sedimentary layers for thousands of years.

  • british-flag

    How businesses can use local fame to expand across the nation


    Many Clear Channel Direct customers start local, but quickly find that growing their presence in their hometown can lead to a bigger national profile. But how can you use a local campaign as a stepping-stone towards growing your business nationally? A double-glazing company we work with has recently done just this, and this article will reveal how you can too.

  • Social media icon apps

    Tackling social media marketing


    The latest buzz in marketing circles is around social media, and you may have had some experience of using some of the platforms.

  • Synapse_in_brain

    Quirks of evolution and why we may not be as rational as we realise


    Image: Allan Ajifo Most of us assume that we are rational, but are we really? Understanding this may be the key to successful selling and marketing in business. As a species we come with baggage. Over a billion years of evolution makes us who we are, and around five ...

  • Twitter

    10 years since the launch of Twitter


    The tenth anniversary of Twitter’s public launch is a landmark moment in technology. The social media platform’s most long lasting legacy is how it has radically changed how society consumes content online. Thanks to Twitter, we now demand access to information and news instantly within just 140 characters.

  • JD Sports England ad

    It's not hard to get your Euro 2016 marketing right, is it?


    You might think that marketing yourself around a major football tournament is quite easy? You just show some fans enjoying your product while watching the football; an alcoholic drinks company, a brand-spanking new TV, betting apps, maybe a takeaway.

  • Social-media

    3 ways to ace social media management with zero budget


    As a social media manager I can tell you that most of us have to fight hard for our budget. Sometimes that’s because there isn’t budget to be had but often it’s because social media is not deemed to be as worthy as CPC or media buying in the eyes of the big bosses.