By Sherrilynne Starkie

It is important to understand, that social influence marketing is not just another marketing tactic. It’s not just about user-generated content or advertising on social networks. Smart companies will use social networks to innovate, recruit, evaluate and interact with all the groups of people they depend on for success – whether that is customers, employees, partners or shareholders.

Take a look at our Social Media Jargon Buster

Blog: short for web log. An online diary of sorts

Meme: similar in nature to a ‘chain letter’ circulated online

Ping: short for packet internet gopher. It lets content aggregators know when a blog has been updated

RSS: Really Simple Syndication. Delivers internet content to subscribers

Tag: a descriptive label used to index content

Networks/communities: websites people join to network, find information and interact with other members.

Feed: same as RSS

Twitter: a blogging service restricted to 140 character updates.

Tweet: to publish something on Twitter

Podcast: audio file made available online

Social bookmarking: Tagging, storing and sharing internet content

Vlog: a blog where the content is provided in the form of video Web

2.0: The second generation of web where online content is created, collaborated on and shared by the community

website that allows users to edit and control content

Sherrilynne Starkie is Managing Partner of Strive Public Relations Limited –

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