SMEs around the UK should carry out sterner background checks when hiring new workers, if the results of a new survey are to be believed.A report from employee screening service shows that close to 85 per cent of people in the UK think that lying on application forms or CVs is commonplace, despite the fact that 95 per cent consider it vital to be 100 per cent accurate when filling out such documentation. One out of every 20 Brits thinks it is okay to lie on your application form or CV."Many candidates and fraudsters rely on the fact that prospective employers do not check the information on, or omitted from, their CVs and applications, or discussed in their interview," said Steve Bailey, managing director of "They therefore take this opportunity to embellish or completely reinvent the truth," he continued.Employee fraud costs UK SMEs around £40 million a year, fraud protection service CIFAS says.© Adfero Ltd