Despite the fact that eCommerce is currently more profitable and easier to run than ever before, fewer SMEs are implementing it, a new study reveals.A report from software company Actinic showed that around 90 per cent of SMEs with ecommerce sites said that they were profitable, compared to 70 per cent in 2005. But, despite this, only ten per cent have a transactional website – one that accepts telephone orders – and only a quarter of these offers eCommerce facilities.The survey also showed that the cost of setting up an eCommerce service is a full 40 per cent less than expected – coming in at £1,585 (compared to a predicted figure of £2,416)."Online stores are rarely unprofitable, because there is huge growth in the sector and overheads are far lower than their offline counterparts," said Chris Barling, chief executive officer at Actinic. "More consumers are letting their fingers do the shopping, but still too few smaller businesses are grasping the opportunity," he continued. "Given the ease with which you can set up a web store nowadays, there is no reason not to take the plunge – especially if you already offer home delivery." The study showed that, of the company’s not yet offering eCommerce services, 20 per cent are planning to implement one soon, while two-thirds are not interested in doing so.© Adfero Ltd