Close to two-fifths of SME owners and workers have no pension plans in place, a new report claims.The study, carried out by telecoms company Unicom and cited at Shout99, reveals that 28 per cent of SME owners admit that neither they, nor any of their workers, are signed up to a company pension plan.And around 83 per cent of those who work at SMEs will have no employer-based pension contribution to look forward to when they retire, Unicom’s survey additionally shows."Small business owners and their staff are amongst the hardest working but also most vulnerable; one of our previous surveys indicated that small businesses felt they were not receiving enough help from the government as it was," Unicom’s operations director Chris Earle commented. At present, only 17 per cent of SME employees and bosses are signed up to company pension plans in total, meaning that many may have to rely on state funds if they fail to organise an alternative method of providing for their retirement. Around 45 per cent of small business owners admit to having a pension plan for themselves, but not for their staff, while just 15 per cent say that workers, as well as bosses, are part of their company’s pension provision scheme.© Adfero Ltd