A new government campaign to try to encourage employees to report their bosses if they believe they are dodging tax will cause disgruntled employees to frame their employers, an industry body has said.HMRC has launched a new a series of print and radio adverts encouraging workers to ring the Tax Evasion Hotline if they believe their employers are not paying the correct taxes or national insurance contributions.However, the Federation of Small Businesses has reacted angrily to what it describes as "a media campaign that demonstrates [HMRC’s] complete lack of understanding of the world of business".The organisation says that the government department is just being lazy, "effectively outsourcing its role to the workforce".Equally, the group says that the campaign could hurt many SMEs, as disgruntled employees take the opportunity to get their employer in trouble.John Walker, the FSB’s national policy chairman, said that the government was right to try to catch employers who did not pay tax. He added that bosses who do this "dishonestly undercut our members who obey the law"."However, this ‘shop your boss’ campaign will inevitably lead to some disgruntled employees phoning the hotline out of spite to see their employer tied up for weeks in red tape and inquiries by HMRC," Mr Walker concluded.© Adfero Ltd

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