By Neal Gandhi, CEO, Quickstart Global

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With the expansion of markets in BRIC countries, and the huge opportunities presented by the US market, many businesses are looking overseas to boost their expansion and increase sales and want to do this through a subsidiary. But the hurdles that they face when faced with unfamiliar legislation, taxation systems and employment regulations can be a major deterrent to potential expansion.
Quickstart Global offer a solution.

Subsidiary Anywhere™ has been developed to take away the hassle for organisations wishing to establish a legal entity overseas. At present, Subsidiary Anywhere is available in the US, BRIC countries, the Middle East and South Africa. Using a network of local experts, under the supervision of a project manager provides companies with a cost effective and practical way of setting up overseas.

One of the main deterrents to small companies looking to expand overseas is the practical aspect of getting up and running in unfamiliar territory. Economies differ greatly in how they regulate the entry of new businesses. In some the process is straightforward and affordable. In others the procedures are so burdensome that entrepreneurs may decide that the time and effort taken to establish a company are not worth proceeding. Each country has its own set of regulations, methodologies, and characteristics, creating a complexity that is enhanced even further when operating on the regional, state, and city level internally. Our process and on-the-ground expertise in each country shields clients from dealing with this complexity, regardless of how many subsidiaries and how many countries they wish to operate in.

Subsidiary Anywhere™ provides companies with an end-to-end solution from a single service provider, which means that the requirement to juggle multiple vendors, suppliers and advisors is removed. We take the responsibility for establishing a legal entity in the country, or countries, of choice. We then deal with company incorporation, HR management, talent acquisition, accounts, billing, taxation, and all other aspects of running a company. All too often, companies risk damaging their home business as a senior executive is dispatched to another country for months at a time to set up a subsidiary. This pioneer has to familiarise themselves with unknown regulations, legislation and more dangerously “they don’t know what they don’t know”. The success of the expansion project can be jeopardised through lack of local knowledge.

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