By Daniel Hunter

The Scottish and UK governments are set to debate the economic future of an independent Scotland today (Wednesday).

Scottish independence could be worth £2,000 per household, according to the Scottish government.

But the UK government is sceptical over the value to the Scottish public if it becomes independent. The UK government believes the Scottish people benefits from a £1,400 dividend as part of the UK.

The Treasury has found that an independent Scotland would suffer from an ageing population, falling oil revenue and scope for higher interest rates.

The findings will be published by Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander. Speaking to BBC’s Scotland 2014 programme, Mr Alexander said: “”One of the frustrations here is that the nationalist government has not set out any costs at all of setting up a new state – they seem to assume it’s free.

“Just like they seem to assume that you can get all the oil out of the North Sea for free, just as they seem to think that they can get away with trying to bamboozle people to vote for independence on the basis of numbers that simply don’t add up – on oil revenues, on set up costs, on tax and on spending.”

The Scottish government has dismissed the claims that the cost of independence far outweighs the benefits.

Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, said: “The reality is Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, more prosperous per head than the UK, France and Japan, but we need the powers of independence to ensure that that wealth properly benefits everyone in our society.”

The Scotland Office believes the report will show “there is significant benefits for each and every Scottish man, woman and child as part of the union.”

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