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  • Synapse_in_brain

    Quirks of evolution and why we may not be as rational as we realise


    Image: Allan Ajifo Most of us assume that we are rational, but are we really? Understanding this may be the key to successful selling and marketing in business. As a species we come with baggage. Over a billion years of evolution makes us who we are, and around five ...

  • Twitter

    10 years since the launch of Twitter


    The tenth anniversary of Twitter’s public launch is a landmark moment in technology. The social media platform’s most long lasting legacy is how it has radically changed how society consumes content online. Thanks to Twitter, we now demand access to information and news instantly within just 140 characters.

  • JD Sports England ad

    It's not hard to get your Euro 2016 marketing right, is it?


    You might think that marketing yourself around a major football tournament is quite easy? You just show some fans enjoying your product while watching the football; an alcoholic drinks company, a brand-spanking new TV, betting apps, maybe a takeaway.

  • Fran Bosan

    Where does marketing fit in a digital world?


    Ahead of her presentation at the Digital Marketing Show, our friends at the Digital Marketing Magazine spoke to Fran Brosan, chairman and co-founder of Omobono, to talk about whether or not connecting digital across the business is like herding cats. Fran was asked why Digital Marketing Show 2015 attendees ...

  • Ben Fletcher

    Will big data impact businesses?


    [video mp4="" poster="" autoplay="true"][/video] Big data is becoming increasingly talked about in business. But what impact will large collections of customer data have on businesses? On behalf of accountants Smith & Williamson, we spoke to three entrepreneurs who thought about what impact big data will have, and whether it will ...