By Claire West

A LEADING multi-national company has been singing the praises of one of the UK’s top recording studios, after it helped get their staff working in harmony.

International recruitment company Labour Ready, which has more than 900 branches worldwide, called on Orchard Studios, at Cheshire, to help build team moral after an overhaul of its UK business.

Labour Ready was looking for a unique and innovative teambuilding day to help improve working practices between teams from its 29 UK offices, following a period of major reorganisation.

Orchard Studios, based near Crewe, boasts some of the North West’s biggest and best studios, and has devised a truly uplifting corporate experience, which has proved hugely successful.

Members of the Labour Ready team were invited to the studios from branches across the country, and challenged to write, compose, record and produce its very own professional CD in a single day.

Steve Cardy, managing director for UK and Vice President of International Operations, said: “One of the roles of a leader is to help the team and team members stretch their abilities to achieve results that may not seem possible. We wanted to work towards this by doing something different from the norm.

“This experience achieved our objectives of really bonding as a team, and we had an opportunity to tell our story by writing a song that we all connected to.”

Orchard’s team building day mixes top notch entertainment and excitement, with a highly challenging task that encourages the entire workforce to pull together.

Best of all you don’t even need to be a potential Pop Idol to get involved, with a team of top producers, musicians and singing coaches all on hand to guide staff through the experience.

Orchard Studios business development manager Kate Newbould explained: “We offer something that is more than just another training day for businesses.

“Producing a CD in a single day is great fun, but it is also a challenging task, and it only works if the whole team gets involved. It’s a great way of getting team members who may not work together on a regular basis interacting in a vibrant and demanding environment.

“We help staff create something that they can be proud of, and that they can take away with them.”

Labour Ready’s session at Orchard Studios has not only worked to form better working relations within the UK, but has even earned the team praise from their international counterparts.

Mr Cardy added: “The event really helped our team come together while creating something none of us thought possible. Our team worked hard and had fun creating this song and it will be with us always.

“The USA board and the Executive team all thought this was an amazing song that we created. The board gave the UK team a round of applause once they heard the song.”

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