By Claire West

Temps are becoming more and more responsible for keeping businesses afloat in the current economic downturn. Whether businesses require an extra pair of hands to cover busy holiday periods or managers are reluctant to recruit permanent staff, temps have become indispensable to companies around the country.

An impressive 1.3 million temp workers keep businesses ticking over in the UK on average every day, proving that more and more businesses are being tempted by

Jonny Breeze, founder of Yellow Cat Recruitment has seen a significant increase in the recent demand for temporary staff, citing the credit crunch as a definitive reason for the augmented popularity:

“Since October we have noticed a considerable increase in demand for temporary staff with this side of our business up by over 80 per cent compared with this time last year.”

Beyond the obvious reasons for employing temporary staff (they are affordable and can be turned on and off on demand) Jonny is keen to promote the wider values and benefits of employing temporary staff.

He says: “Temps can be massively undervalued. They not only fill the gaps while permanent staff are absent, sick or on extended leave but they can also help define the role itself. When recruiting a permanent position a temp can help you define the duties of the role before taking the jump into employing full time staff.

“Temporary work is not just a test bed for the role; we often find that many of our temps get offered permanent positions, which saves the business valuable time and money searching for and interviewing candidates.”

Key advantages of being or employing a temp include:

• The try before you buy theory – by employing staff for a short amount of time, companies can test out their abilities before you commit to a full-time contract.

• From the temps’ perspective, being employed as a temp gives them the opportunity to see what it’s like working for a company and see if they would like to stay on for a sustained about of time.

• Employing staff members who were previously temps saves time spent on interviewing potential staff. Often, prospective employees will be interviewed by at least two members of staff and cutting their time spent on interviews
saves companies time and money.

• Temps are an easy and affordable way for businesses to recruit staff that are of a high standard and have been checked by recruitment agencies, such as Yellow Cat.

• If businesses do undergo financial problems and can no longer afford to keep on their staff, managers can let temps go without the worry of fulfilling specific contracts.

• If a person is unsure about their future employment, temporary work is an ideal way to test the waters of a certain sector, such as the sectors specialised by Yellow Cat – media and entertainment.

• Temporary workers are impartial and can provide helpful advice on where companies can improve their ways and methods of business.

According to Jonny, temporary workers are integral to business success: “Yes, temps are an affordable solution to help through busy periods but you should not over-look the true value temps can bring to your business – saving time, money and bringing new prospective and energy to the work place.”

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